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Mother’s weekend!

It really pays to have a growing up child and an enthusiastic husband. The duo made this Mothers’ Day really special for me this entire weekend!

While I was growing up Mothers’ Day wasn’t celebrated. At least not as vigorously as it is now. Don’t know if it even existed back then….BTW back then isn’t waaaay back then, just so you know 🙂

On Friday, my husband flew in from TN and right at 12 midnight Saturday, Aditi and he put a small candle on a chocolate cupcake and brought it out singing a robust “Happy Mothers’ Day” to the tunes of Happy Birthday!

Saturday morning, slept in late. Partly because Aditi decided to crash in with us and I was therefore unable to sleep. Our queen bed was too small to encompass the revolving daughter. 🙂 Finally at 4 am gave in and slept on the sofa..I was woken up to the tune of Happy Mothers Day once again and to my great pleasure Aditi n Bish had made breakfast and tea. Steaming hot idlis with baingan chutney! Deliciousso!

Lunch was Thai at an especially good Thai restaurant. Some shopping. Back home to rest. In the evening we had the best time of all. A new boardwalk has been built connecting two beaches..its about one and half mile walk. We went for a walk and Aditi took her bike along. Enjoying the scenic views and the beautiful sunset and the calm waters.

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Back home Aditi and Bish got out another cupcake, a banana-walnut one this time complete with candle and a song. 🙂 We topped up the evening with a re-watch of Karate kid. Am a fan of Jaden Smith & his father. The only father-son duo to have captured my heart.

And that was it! Or so I thought!

Sunday morning again got breakfast and tea! Lunch, Anda curry made by my fabulous chef husband! 🙂 Alas in the evening there were no more cupcakes and so Aditi decided to improvise. She took out a bowl of halwa, warmed it in the microwave. She stuck two pretzel sticks in place of candles and sang out Happy Mothers’ Day! 🙂 🙂 

Aditi's creation: Halwa cake with pretzel stick candles


How can anything compare to this kind of weekend. No resort, holiday or gift can match this. It makes all those early morning maddening rush a cupcake walk! All those irritating habits a distant memory!

Maybe that’s why such commemorative days have gained in popularity. Want to celebrate anything? Simply make it a day and announce a special date! Earth Day, Daughters’ Day, Valentines! How about a Volunteers’ Day?

Wish I could have done something special for my mother. Aditi has already gotten a chance to show her mom how much she loves her and I really bless her from the bottom of my heart. And hope my heart is deep!


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