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What is the best invention of our times???

Moi says its the cell phone.

When Bish and I were dating, we were separated by a continent but connected with a single, palm sized device. Voila!!!! The cell phone.

It connects us to everyone, whether they are located in the desert or a jungle. Be it Bihar ke gaon ka gora ya london ki mem…They are all hooked to the mobile. During Bish & my time, we had to pay incoming call charges. We made Airtel what it is now 😉 But the intense competition in the telecome sector has ensured high levels of service, accessibility and low prices per call. Even better, free incoming calls!!!

Bish thinks the best invention of our times is the GPS. You can never get lost…I beg to differ. The GPS is good for US and the UK. So far India hasn’t even got its streets mapped. We have to rely on the local paanwallah for directions. I doubt the situation is different in say, Prague or Italy. They unfortunately dont even have the ubiquitous paanwallah. 🙂

What is the best invention of our times do you think???


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