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Dabangg! hmmm…

Watched Dabangg…Salman Khan is at his ‘Wanted” best. No doubt about it.

His Jeetendra-like looks and strict persona are sure to make the box office ring and Arbaaz will go laughing all the way to the bank. Everyone else was just value-addition to the scene. Sonakshi really didn’t have much to do. Her character wasn’t etched well enough. Will have to watch her next to see if she has staying power. And Arbaaz as the younger brother was simply muted to enhance Salman’s character. The director should have worked on Sonu Sood’s character to make the film powerful. (Remember Gabbar Singh).

Production values are excellent. Editor has done his job well. But the award definitely goes to S. Vijayan’s stunt direction. Agreed almost all of the stunt was inspired or a direct lift. But the action at the railway station in the first half was exciting.  Music was ho-hum. The background score sounds similar to one of the hollywood actioner, either Zorro or The Mexican or some such.

Dialogues are excellent and the rustic charm was captured very very well. So overall, yeah you can watch it. If you are a Salman fan, then you will want to watch it numerous times. No doubt about that either.

 The only thing that bothers me is the obvious lack of any respect for women or elders in films these days, especially these kind of masala films. The male lead almost always behaves like a ruffian towards his love interest, especially at the wooing stage. It was a new low to see the male lead almost sighing with relief when the alcoholic father commits suicide so that he can marry the daughter. Also, no one bats an eye when Salman walks into the mourning Sonakshi’s house and asks everyone to just get over the father’s death and leave. After everyone leaves, he asks Sonakshi to go pack her bag as happily he has arrived to ‘make’ her life. And she does just that!

As today’s woman, I can not accept it. What kind of message does it send to all those mis-guided youth out there? No wonder India has an alarming rate of eve teasing and molestation, not to mention rapes. No point saying crime has nothing to do with movies. It does. Especially for the youth in India’s heartland. And are all women in India supposed to think that their lives can be made by marrying a man, even if he is a corrupt, violent sort?

Wow! I made the discussion serious. But think over it.


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