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I hate love stories..esp when KJo is in self celebratory mode…

Oh my god…I am going through this torture my husband is putting me through. Nope he hasn’t decided to launch into SAP technical. He wants me to watch I hate Luv Stories. Should I be taking a hint?????

What a dumb story! The movie is about KJo going into a ‘Jai KJo, Jai KJo’ mode. The narratory mode of the movie is similar to Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa.. But that movie was uplifted by its better story line, not its acting.

IHLS can’t even boast of that. God knows what the hoohah over Imran Khan is. Samir Soni is way better in looks and acting department. And Sonam wouldn’t have come this far without the Kapoor tag.  The attempts at humor are just that, attempts! An hour of Comedy Circus is million times better than this torture.

Please KJo stick to your coffee. Unfortunately there too you are pretty stale on guests. When new age directors are trying to break new ground, here comes this dinosaurian attempt at rehashing love. Jeez gimme a break!


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