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A funny experience…

Always thought would write funny stuff when I do get an opportunity to write. Or rather when I would come round to sit still at a place with a pen, other than for school exams.

Turns out, I have turned too darned serious. And I am not even old..My blog doesn’t reflect my fun loving side at all..My “sense” of humor gets triggered among like-minded people, who love a good belly-jiggle. So let me share a friend’s funny experience.

My husband told us (we of the belly-jiggle group) about a colleague’s experience in China. He (the colleague, that is, lets call him M) is fond of food. But in China, he lost a lot of weight due to lack of edible (by Indian standards at least) fare.

At a dinner party organised by the client, M was gratified to see leg pieces (those belonging to chicken). But a friend cautioned him to check out the originating body, if it belonged to a chicken proper or some other exotic oriental animal.

So M approached the server and in his best Bollywood style, pantomimed a rooster and asked “kukdookoo”???????? The server shook his head and said “Bhow-Bhow”.

M fortuitiously avoided getting his dharam-bhrast (literal meaning religiosity destroyed) but went without food for another night. He however provided fodder for us to jiggle over.


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