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Avataar..whats all the fuss about?

Saw Avatar yesterday and was thanking my stars I hadn’t spent a small fortune watching it in the theatre. Wasn’t worth it I had say?

Story line was basically The Mermaid with the sexes reversed and more techno. No big  shakes as far as animation goes. Tinkerbell and the lost treasure wowed me more than Avatar in terms of effects and animation. Would love to watch Tinker in 3D.

I had read about the racial controversy with Avatar when it was nominated for Oscar. Although I kind of agree with the query: why do “Natives” always seem to need the ‘white’ alien to get them out of trouble, it didn’t really irritate and annoy. Historically, white aliens always have had more power and will to destroy and annihilate. So if anyone can save Natives, it has to be the alien with his heart in the right place. As is the case with Avatar.

Good watch on the DVD, especially if you have a projector (which I do) :), otherwise you didn’t miss much.



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