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My birthday gift….. :))))

Am so darned excited, I am either bummin’ the sofa or hitting the roof…

This year, Bish (that’s my husband) gifted me a Singer sewing machine. I am rubbing my hands in glee. To think of the exciting stuff I can make. Thank the stars and my husband, I have a daughter. Now I can make some dresses for her.

My mom used to stitch clothes for me when I was young. She of course, was an expert, while I am a novice with just a little experience in stitching, sewing and embroidering. Thanks to our school curriculum, I have stitched and embroidered quite a few things, even won an Anchor prize in Embroidery competition. Although all this was way back in 1991-92.

Have to declare, every husband should be like Bish. He has always encouraged me in all, repeat ALL, my pursuits. I have grown mushrooms, started business, painted sarees, and what not.

He has never ever stopped me from doing any of it. Some of my pursuits have been expensive, but my life has been richer with the experience. Never once has he cribbed about money spent.

So all ye folks take a bow. Mine takes the prize for the “best husband” category. Appalause.


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