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My first pet :))

I am smiling like a toothless turtle sipping cold tea…

I have a new pet..My first ever in fact. A Goldfish…

My daughter named him Goldie..Its a “he” because “he” makes his home very dirty, very fast. But since I am not the one who cleans up after him, I am smiling…My goldie

I have to admit, it feels like we have brought our second child home. He is just as demanding. The water needs to be clean and cool, the food has to be just enough. I cant overfeed him else he will get a tummy upset..(Jesus! who knew fishes also had tummy upsets).

It is therapeutic to watch him though..He scoots around the bowl, all the time grazing for food. I found myself talking to him and calling him ‘beta’ (son in hindi). The first night I switched off the lights, I actually switched it on again thinking he might be scared of the dark and the new place. So I talked to him to go off to sleep and not to be scared 🙂

My neighbour looked at me as if I was nuts when I told him I was talking to my fish. But I love having these conversations with him. Goldie is always there, no matter what the time is. My human family goes off to sleep while I read, or surf or watch TV. But Goldie gives me company..My daughter has even come up with a new dance step to imitate him. To be fair to him, we are planning to get him a friend. Soon.

Will keep you guys posted on my evolving emotions and Goldie’s antics…


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