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Happy Dashera everyone

Durga puja in Dhakeshwari temple

Jai Durga Ma!!!

Wish u all a Happy Dashera and to all Bongs, a Shubho Bijoya!!!

Had fun this weekend!!! After a very long time celebrated Durga Puja or Navratri.. Funnily enough the Indian diaspora here doesn’t celebrate Durga Puja on the festival dates. It is celebrated much earlier or later depending on the convenience of members. Therefore the last couple of years, we haven’t been able to celebrate the Puja traditionally, i.e. visiting pandals all night, eating out, catching up with all ur Bong friends..Make no mistake daahlings, eating out is a major ritual during Durga Puja for the true blood Bongs. Bish has missed out on Pushpanjali, which he used to do religiously every year. And his biggest sorrow is missing out on the street food “chaat” Bong style!!!

This weekend 3 couples met up at a friend’s house. Each of the ladies had made a puja offering, called bhog, item. So the menu was Puri, Labra (Indian veg dish made of 7 different vegetables), Baingan Bharta, and Alu Sabzi. The desert was Srikhand and some yum yum Halwa.

We ate, talked, watched some TV and then talked some more. Since the kids were really having a good time, we thought we will push up their sleep time. Don’t know how the downstairs neighbours felt about that. We adults chatted and chatted and chatted. My mother’s maiden surname used to be Chatterjee. 🙂

When we thought its time to go home, the time actually was 5.30 am…It was our first all nighter after a decade. We finally left after drinking tea at 8 am :). The last I stayed awake the whole night was just during my Board exams. Felt like a kid again! The heady combo of fun, food and friends made this weekend a time to remember.

We are planning to do this again. We are pushing for a Ladies Day out and an all nighter, but doubt if our male partners will agree.


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