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Toonpur – yikes!!! TMK- super yikes!!!

Got a really looong weekend thanks to the second snow storm…This one was huge…Have never seen so much snow in my life…We got about 30 inches!!! I enjoyed it inside ūüôā no snowman for me, thank you very much! Luckily this time the parking lot was cleared by the maintenance as snow shovel would simply not work!!! So no broken backs!

Temperatures are now near 6 Р10 degree F in the morning. Do not look forward to standing at the bus stop early morning!!! Looks like I will  have to get meself some hotwheels.

Long weekend! Snowed in! No where to go! Ergo watch movies…loads of it!!!!

Caught up on Tees Mar Khan, Toonpur ka Super hero and gonna watch Phas gaye re Obama in a while!

About these two movies what can one say except why do we even bother? Akshay Kumar needs to break out of his screaming hysterics mode. It was cute in Hera Pheri, adorable in Heyy Baby. The movie that actually made him work for me as a hero was Namastey London where for the most part he keeps his mouth shut and uses his eyes to communicate.. That was hot baby!

He has certainly lost the plot once again! His Houseful, Singh is King, Khatta Meetha and now TMK are all shove-it-down-the-drain types.

TMK¬†does not feel like a typical Farah Khan movie. While both her previous movies were nonsense for content, there was a style and an oomph which carried interest. I for one could watch OSO, and Main¬†Hoon Na more than once. (On DVD/TV of course, wouldn’t waste money on expensive tickets).

TMK has no story whatsoever. The thefts are harebrained or should I say bird-brained. Katrina’s role was just that, bird brains. And boy was she perfect in it. Katrina is a perfect example of how we go for looks rather than talent. She is perfect face for the Barbie doll, she is that plastic! Here however she had little to do except run out of the scene!

Lets not get talking about direction. For it was quite directionless. At one point it was pure mayhem. Reminded me of Housefull where everyone was running around and no one knew why. Did someone ghost direct TMK?

So those who haven’t watched this movie, please don’t!

Toonpur ka superhero was another let down. I can not say Ajay Devgan or Kajol were at fault. They did their jobs impeccably. The animation was a total letdown. The voiceovers were horrendous. They could have gone places with proper actors lending voice and actually emoting the lines. The scenes were always a little dark and characters looked totally out-of-place.

What is good about the movie was the originality¬†of the story and the¬† attempt at humor. Not Gappi¬†but Big Ben. Everybody had some sort of gun, so Ajay has “Dev” gun! The lines were funny but the humor was completely lost due to bad voice overs. They story line was extremely clever, involving game levels in a story was a brain wave. The writer needs some encouragement and bigger budget. Next time¬†Mr Producer pay attention to finer details.

To get rid of the bad taste left due to these movies, watched Transformers. Again! I always get hooked onto these movies no matter how many times I watch it. Terminator, Independence Day are movies I would watch again and again and I am not even an action girl. Give me British comedy any time.


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