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No good movie around :(

Have watched all the movies that have been recent hits at the box office in India, i.e. all of the Hindi ones.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD), Delhi Belly and Ready. I hope I didn’t miss any worth the salt on my table.

They were all hits: some breaking-through, some roaring hits. Yet none of them really held my interest. Except perhaps Ready. ūüôā Can’t help it. It was such a masala movie and without any abuse of senitivities or culture, that I positively enjoyed the movie.

Salman was the same old, same old. The story was also same old. A little tweaked for the current age. But atleast a positive message for familial bonds. And funny to boot. It made me laugh and that made it worth the money I spent on it. All the other characters were simply there, interchangeable and loud.

Asin who was so good and lively in Ghajini was simply part of the crowd. She didn’t stand out in the movie which was all about Sallu Bhai. He acts the same, talks the same, walks the same and dresses the same. Yet his movies are working. Must be his “good karma” ūüôā

¬†As¬†for ZNMD, heaven knows why people liked it. Half the time, the camera kept panning on Hrithik‘s handsome face as if it was the only way to hold the audience’s attention. The problem is it is too close to Dil Chahta Hai, which was a better movie in every way: story, direction and acting.

Farhan Akhtar was perhaps the star of the movie, being the most natural and at ease in front of the camera. Maybe it was easier for him to work for his sister. Hrithik Roshan is the best looking actor in Bollywood. However his acting has much to desire. He wasn’t comfortable acting the snob, nor was he any good at romancing Katrina. His idea of acting a man who finally begins to live is to laze¬†around dreamily with a loopy smile in the backseat of ¬†a car. But the biggest disappointment was Abhay Deol. The endearing Deol came across so effeminate in his voice and pitch, I thought him initially to be a gay in the movie.

None of the songs were much to write home about except the “Senorita” one sung by the lead male actors. Even here Abhay was the worst offender in terms of pitch and lift. And yet again Farhan was the best. He should definitely make a rock band. India needs it pretty bad.

And lastly Delhi Belly. What was all the brouhaha about? It had way too many cuss words and the story was too old and cliched. Haven’t we seen a similar tale of turning wheel of fortune and presence of mind in Ek Chaalis ki last local or Johnny Gaddar? The only difference is that this movie was unabashedly vulgar. And people seemed to love it. I am fine with cuss words but this was too much too often. Of course it showed how truly dirty we are. Physically, verbally and even emotionally. DB being a hit says a lot about us, or doesn’t it?

Sadly I have not much to look forward to except Don 2. Fingers crossed Farhan doesn’t mess this one up. Also now that the original jodi of Sanjay- Arshad has been removed from the Munnabhai series, don’t know if I should keep much expectation of the 3rd offering. So a rerun of Transformers, Terminator and Independence¬†Day¬†will have to do for me.



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