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Giving Thanks…

4 days off for Thanksgiving…Bliss. Usually it means a lot of cooking for the Americans… traveling, family, tension and the unforgettable shopping on Black Friday. For many Indians, Thanksgiving means shopping for deals and traveling to far-off places. We did the same. 654 plus miles or 1078 kms in Texas. Traveled in a triangle of Dallas, Austin and Houston. That however will be a different blog, not my current topic.

I was compelled to write how beautiful Thanksgiving has eventually turned out for me. One offers thanks to God for all the good things in one’s life. In my case, while I keep thanking the Lord ever so often for my friends and family, the real feeling was enforced thanks to my 7 year old daughter.

Back to school after the holidays, meant I was too tired to cook much and had quite a few volunteer duties. Yesterday I pulled a full day shift at school. The first 2 hours volunteering at the library. I knew I had to put in hours at the Paw Printers, our school’s voluntary branch that prints books, poems etc written by students, class or teachers. All in aid of encouraging the budding author or poetess out there.

My trouble is I can’t work on an empty stomach and so had decided to have lunch with my daughter after library and then continue at the workroom. Unfortunately I had forgotten that my daughter goes in for lunch at 11 am and I was to work at the library until 11.30 am. When I realised my mistake, had to choose between going back home to have lunch and come back again for Paw Printers or forego lunch (really not an option at all) or work till 1 pm and then call it a day.

While I was musing my un-attractive options sitting on the librarian’s chair, in walks my daughter with her teacher holding a lunch tray. Students aren’t allowed to walk out of their assigned rooms, so she convinced her teacher that her mom wanted to eat lunch but couldn’t leave the library.

Her teacher fell in with the plan and lo and behold, fish fingers, baked potatoes, cut mangoes and crazy cake stared at me in the middle of the library.

I was genuinely over-whelmed. I had not thought my daughter, all of 7 years would go out of her way to remember her hungry mom and buy lunch picking her favorite items and talk her teacher into walking down the hall way, into the library with a laden tray.

It was her gesture and kindness that just bowled me over. I knew she was kind but this was beyond expectations. Even her teacher realised how touched I was and gave her a hug, saying you made her day. (Of course, she refuses to let me forget that now!)

She insists that I do not scold or discipline her or compel her to study..basically just let her do what she wants (which means she has been snuggling up with me in my bed every night and watching 3 Idiots over you tube…grrr). 🙂

I can not give enough thanks to God for blessing me with such a sweet-heart. Yes I have a tiny family but this family is priceless. My one child is God’s greatest gift to me. Thank you Lord for blessing me with Aditi…



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