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Power of planning!

The week gone was a spring break for Aditi. As my husband wasn’t going to be in town, I had an uphill task of keeping her happy and engaged on my own and without the help of the idiot box.

Earlier I thought I would simply go downtown to the library and the harbour. And then the weather turned. For the worse. Luckily advanced and accurate weather forecasts helped avoid making bad plans. 🙂

Instead of going out, decided to call people in. So every day of the week I arranged for a playdate for Aditi.  Planned in advance what to serve as snack or dinner.  Called all the moms and arranged for suitable times and set the ball rolling. Each day a new playmate and something new to look forward to. Some of them for the very first time. Some Indian, Some American.

What a success it was! Aditi hasn’t touched the TV remote for the entire week although most of the playdates were only in the evenings for 2 -4 hours. She played, ate, played and slept… 🙂

Each night we would go over the day and how she enjoyed playing with her friend. And plan for the next day. Each day some different game or toy based on specific tastes and likes. She loved every moment of it. Every day she helped me clean up the house for the guest and arrange things. Not a single hard moment.

I am glad I took the effort. It of course took extra effort to invite people from other cultures and keep them entertained. Bear in mind food allergies, dislike for spices or lack of desire among children to try something new. Whew this kept me on my toes! Especially the menu for the American kids. Imaginative and simple was the way to go. Each day was a success and we both hit the bed satisfied on a day well spent. 

 The spring break is over and now a different kind of planning is required. Early dinner, early bed time and early wakeup time. Healthy snacks and lunch for the whole week and we are set for the next week.

Being a mother teaches us to be such good managers. Manage time, skill and temperament. And when a job is well done you have the greatest reward. A very happy customer. And this one pays with love! The most precious currency!


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