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Weekend wasn’t a weak end!!!

This weekend we finally managed to act on our long planned desire to go out of town to view the fall colors. I suspect the motivating factor was my husband’s new DSLR and his budding desire to become a landscape photographer. 🙂

The deciding factor came from the beautiful tree lined state highway leading to the CT Hindu temple. The trees are adorned with flaming reds, oranges, and yellows. I am surprised people can actually drive through that road without being distracted. I was!

So this weekend, we went hiking through the 1600 acre Sleeping Giant State Park, Hamden. Of course we trekked only 3.2 miles and that was the shortest and the easiest route! Aditi was a great sport and actually had fun gathering loads of acorn to feed squirrels back home.

As the name goes, the top of the hills look like a giant sleeping. The legend goes that Sleeping Giant is the story of Hobbomock, a giant who contained the spirit of the souls of the dead. Once in his temper tantrums, he diverted the Connecticut river far east, causing some devastation.

Keihtan, the creator God cast a spell on the giant so that he would never awaken again. Soon the earth and trees covered the slumbering Hobbomock, peace returned, and all is well. 🙂

This is per the native Quinnipec Americans, who lived here before the Europeans decided to make it their home.
Anyways the trek was beautiful, as the park is maintained with minimum interference from humans. The trees were shimmering with colorful foliage. The entrance brings back memories of kodaikanal. A picture can say thousand words so I will let the pics tell the rest of the story.


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