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Thank You, Mr Ratan Tata!

Ratan in Hindi means gem. Aptly named Mr Tata. You are truly a gem! Indeed I rue that you havent passed on your gem of a gene to some worthy heir.
Why? Several reasons…
The reason that prompted me to write is the MSN headline: Rs 15 cr bribe? Ratan Tata says “No way”. An unnamed minister asked him for a bribe to let him operate a joint venture airline in India.
Seriously??!! The minister asked THE IRON MAN for a bribe?!! Imagine being told by a so-called industrialist “You are idiot people. You should have paid the bribe”.
Thank you Mr Tata from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for standing up to shitheads. Thank you for not bowing under pressure and doing what every nincompoop in India does. Pay the bribe!!!
For those who do not know; Mr Tata belongs to the illustrious family of the Tatas. JRD Tata is the Father of Indian Aviation. He started the first Airlines in India and held the Pilot License no 1. The Airlines was taken over by the Govt and is now an ailing Air India. 😦 JRD went on to lead his industrial group to stupendous success in every imaginable field, reaching Rs 1 Billion before he died in 1993.
The name Tata was stamped on almost every thing you could buy, soap, cars, chemicals, now IT & Telecom. In fact Tata Young, a Thai model, and actress was so named, because her father was reportedly astonished by the omnipresent name TATA.
The Tatas are also known for their philanthropy. Their hospitals, trust funds, student loan funds are well-known in India.
Mr Ratan Tata however stands out in this long line of illustrious family of entrepreneurs. He is solely responsible for putting a car in the hands of an average middle-class family. His $2000 or Rs 1Lac car has sheltered lakhs of family from the elements, transferring them from a scooter to a small car. At last the poor could travel in comfort. He did this, whilst the entire motor industry was laughing at his idea and waiting for him to fall on his face. He succeeded.
I therefore call you, Mr Tata, the IRON MAN. For your guts, your vision, your strength and your spirit!
To this man, then, an unpadh gavar (uneducated) minister asks for a bribe just to start an airline operation. Heaven knows from where that idiot got the guts to open his fat mouth. He should have been counting himself lucky to even be in the presence of a legend. And he actually sullies it..Like Wow!
If just 10 more industrialists become 10% the man Mr Tata is, India will be a supernation that it wants to achieve. Just 10%. Got guts, Mr Minister??????

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