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A little holiday is all it takes!

Summer is a time for lazing around…on beaches if you will if you stayed where I do! But this summer was excruciatingly hot and so we spent most of the time indoors, venturing to the pool only in the evenings.

A short trip to Newport, Rhode Island took my stress away. Not the town itself..Somehow Cornwall UK and Ganpatipule, India reign supreme in my heart…After that no other beach town has captured my heart. Biased probably..

Apart from the beaches and private islands, Newport has a host of heritage mansions..magnificient properties built for the super rich of 18th century. Visited the Breakers Mansion. The mansion is huge with huge and beautiful grounds. But the view is a killer. Look for yourself.

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Belonging to the Vanderbilt family, the walls of the main room is adorned with gold and platinum. But its the balcony with majestic view of the Atlantic that takes your breath away. I kept thinking of a family living there and enjoying the view every single day. It would be have been a very happy and a relaxed life. I imagine.

Apart from that, having been brought up in the ubiquitous one-room boxes of Mumbai, this mansion seems like a dream house. It even had a small cottage for the children to play in, complete with a little play kitchen.  How the other half lives!!!!  They say money doesn’t buy you happiness. But it sure does get you close.  That day for the first time I felt that there were somethings I haven’t really enjoyed in life. Luxury! Maybe in my next life! Fingers crossed 🙂


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