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Karma..or fate?

My 100th post… ūüôā Did I actually spew out 99 blog posts? A milestone in¬†my writing¬†journey. Perhaps an appropriate time to¬†write about something that has been in my deepest thoughts.

Karma or fate? Which do you believe shapes your life? Your actions or some unknown factor that we have labeled destiny or fate.

When most of us work so hard towards definite goals and making our lives a little better, why do only¬†a few of us¬†get rewarded while some keep suffering setbacks? Some seem to have Midas’s touch and some keep on trudging through the drudgery of life without going anywhere.

Do we by our own actions, decisions, thoughts, will-power shape the path we walk on or is the path pre-determined for us, making us choose the actions and make decisions that we eventually do?

I have read in some self-help books, that if we think positive, visualize positive events, we can bring it about in reality. That is the power of thought. Is meditation a means to harness this power? Like a dam built to control a wildly flowing river. Positivity definitely helps. If nothing else, it gives us some courage to take bold decisions. And they say fortune favors the brave. So for example,  if I keep visualizing a positive event, say winning a lottery, or maybe getting a job in AB Inc, will I actually make it happen? Or do I not have the discipline to garner all my thoughts together and focus on my wishes?

We may assume then¬†people who are psychics or Mensa members, are people who have successfully harnessed their mind power? The new BBC drama “Sherlock” shows Sherlock and his equally if not more intelligent brother Mycroft, delve into their ‘mind palace’. They refer it as a filing system. Whatever you read, hear, see or learn is stored in some logical, systematic way and can be accessed whenever needed by simply digging deep inside your head. This should perhaps be called memory palace, but Sherlock is able to use his memory and knowledge stored therein, to make logical connections, read patterns and give jaw-dropping deductions.

Is this the very palace, one can also tap into to turn life around? We Indians have always believed that our minds are extremely capable and has the power to make us reach the zenith of human existence, Nirvana, by simply focusing our thoughts. So we should be able to determine our future ourselves and become the architect of our lives.

Or is it in my destiny to not win a lottery or not getting a job pre-determined before my birth? Astrology is widely believed as a science. In India and abroad, astrology is considered a precise science and involves complex calculations. The stars and the planetary positions at the time of birth determines our future. Indians also temper it with past actions and the actions of our fore-fathers. So if my great-grandfather was a good man, and I have been pretty much a good person, I should have a life of roses. Win that lottery and have that job!

Our ancestors have said that we are but puppets and God is the puppet master! In that case, all we do is just run like a train along pre-determined routes.¬†¬†Are we nothing but goldfishes in God’s aquarium? He determines our happinesses, sorrows, success and failures. Then how do we know how much effort to put in our chosen path? Based on past events in our life, maybe we should just do a trend-analysis to determine which way the wind is blowing and go along with it.

It is a discussion I have often had with my mentor, guide, friend and soul mate, Samiksha Desai-Sheth. She gave me a very beautiful answer to this:

“Destiny is the broad framework within which we do our Karma!”

Interesting! Further thoughts on sleepless nights are needed on this. Meanwhile please let me know your own insights.



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