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I am Cumberbatched!!!

Yeah I know, you don’t think that’s a word…”Cumberbatched”. It’s a name! Benedict Cumberbatch and he has taken the British television by storm. So UK has been “cumberbatched”. 🙂
He plays the latest Sherlock Holmes, (very difficult shoes to fill) in the 21st century. Earlier, Basil Rathbone (whom I am not a fan of) and Jeremy Brett (who for me IS THE MAN) have taken on the challenge!
Jeremy Brett played Sherlock Holmes to such perfection that even after repeatedly watching his episodes, I can honestly say I have never liked another man with that name!
Thanks to PBS Masterpiece Mystery series, I can watch all my beloved British mystery drama. They are so much better than the American tech obsessed teams. And please don’t any of you start on the Indian series CID.
So I start watching the new Sherlock Holmes with some small resentment and a critical heart. LO! Benedict has a fantastic voice, great screen presence and is dressed sharp. He has managed to win the new generation Sherlock fans and I am sure a lot of the older generation too.
So far only 3 episodes have aired: A study in pink, The blind banker, The great Game.
Good stories but mostly carried through by Benedict. His sidekick, the very ordinary Dr Watson (Martin Freeman) looks credulous as the slightly idiotic, action man.
The action is very fast and energetic. Rightly so. The producers have remained faithful to the original character. Rightly so! The stories are a bit of a let down. Not the best scripts. Nor does it make sense that Sherlock can guess about Watson’s drunkard brother by an inscription and scratches on the mobile. I have scratches on each of my electronic possessions!
To match Jeremy’s energy, Benedict tries to deliver his dialogues very fast. His problem: unclear diction! That my dear, was Jeremy’s strongest point! His precision honed diction. You can clearly understand what he says irrespective of a fast pace or a low tone. Benedict has his work cut out there.
Overall Me likes!!! Watch it if you can..

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