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Long lost friends…

I know I have spoken about friends a few times here. I even went so far as to list some of my best friends. But on this crisp autumn morning after having spoken to my dad’s best friend’s son, my heart is warm again.

The fire of friendship kept even the second generation warm together. I suppose I owe this to my dad. He by example taught me to choose friends wisely. Not for convenience sake, nor for status. But a simple connection. Of hearts. His friendship has endured even 6 years after his death. Quite a legacy!

I have learnt well. Not everyone is a friend. Not everyone is welcome to my house. But those who are, reign my heart. Knowing and understanding the true nature of my parents and brother (all of whom now reside in the heavens), I have always considered my house my temple.

I have stayed in an extremely small apartment measuring 180 sq ft to a large bungalow. Yet the atmosphere not the size determined its sanctity.

In such hallowed circumstances, God has blessed me with some of the highest examples of humanity as my friends. I may not call them often or keep in touch with most. But please know that you are always in my thoughts. And am always thanking God for the privilege of knowing you. This time there is no list. For those who are special don’t need to be told.


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