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The clash of the titans..

India defeats Pakistan today at Mohali. In cricket!!!!

For a lot of Indians (rather for all Indians) a matter of big celebration and joy. And it should be…We have a rivalry that goes back to our very origins…Like Australia vs New Zealand, England vs Australia.

Cricket is a fever in India and cricketers treated like demi-Gods; provided they win.

And Indian cricketers have disappointed often.  I stopped watching live cricket after Kapil Dev was accused of match fixing. He is my hero. I refuse to accept he can be corrupt and therefore I stopped watching. Reports of Ajay Jadega, Azhar (all my favourites) accused and convicted of similar charges did the game no favour.

I felt like a fool who gave my time and emotions to a game where the players were simply using people’s emotions for their personal benefit and to the detriment of their country.

The last match I have seen is the World cup finals against Sri Lanka and my enduring memory is of Vinod Kambli crying at his inability to stop India’s massacre. Since then, I have never watched cricket. It was too heart breaking for me. Like a fool I was unnecessarily deeply invested in it.

So no more cricket! Looks like history will repeat itself at least in parts. SriLanka vs India World Cup finals!


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