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March goes marching by….

This month just flew off the shelf….didn’t know when it started and it’s already at its end…Spring is supposed to be here but snow still gave us a visit. Maybe next week I will see some life sprouting back on the trees and some color in the landscape…

Didn’t write anything this month at all…not because I had nothing to talk about but because I had someone to talk to  🙂

A relative came over for 3 weeks and it was real fun to talk to a real live person versus tapping thoughts and feelings out on a machine or on a “wall”.

We spent hours talking..sometimes rehashing the same thing but then that’s what women do…slept at 1 am daily and had to get up at 7 am for my daughter 😦 Though tired and sleepy, still kept on yakking away.. 🙂

After ages got to flush my system…

Sometimes a man just doesn’t get what a woman wants or feels! So chuck him out and get a BFF. Best Female Friend! I have 2 or 3 with whom I can talk hours…And there is one with whom I open my deepest thoughts. Without any fear of judgment or fear of getting unnecessary advice.

That is rich! To not have to explain any of your feelings or actions is so refreshing. Its like getting freedom.

Somehow you cant do it with parents, nor with husbands, definitely not with colleagues or neighbours. Some of my friends in India regularly meet up over lunch or coffee and I do envy them. I see that happening here..Women out alone without kids or family having lunch once a month or even a year. Enriching..

I have learnt a lot from other women, simply by listening to their experiences. Helped me avoid mistakes or to correct a deviation. Climb over an incline! Thank you gals! Wouldnt swap my BFFs for anything in the world.


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