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Mission Accomplished!

What an explosive start to May! 1st May 2011 11.45 pm the President of United States announces that US special force killed Osama Bin Laden (OSL) the most wanted terrorist in this generation’s memory.

As news trickled in of this fantastic achievement, couldn’t help feeling a rush and would have screamed “yahoooo” had it not been mid-night and the neighbours + family asleep. Felt a rush of adrenalin and jubilation. I am not American nor did I have any connection even tenuous or indirect to 9/11 victims.

But on 9/11, I was shocked to the core at the utter foolishness and depravity of some men who did not think it wrong to kill honest men and women going about their jobs and lives. In name of what? Wasn’t God! Certainly no principle or value…What principle would be worth 3000 lives?

I was skeptical when former President Bush attacked Iraq. Somehow it felt like a ploy to control Saddam’s oil reserves or some such ulterior motive rather than revenge for being attacked. Also after so many years no one really thought Osama would be caught and brought to justice..Whenever any footage of OBL was shown, the background was always mountainous rubble and caves. Coupling that with reports of war in Afghanistan between Taliban and US forces somehow took the focus away from OBL.

Even the Americans seemed to want an end to the never-ending war against an elusive figure of darkness. Dealing with their own problems of recession, unemployment, rising health costs became paramount to the the average American.

When Barack Obama was elected President, he cut an impressive figure. A man promising change and hope. 3 years down he lost a lot of support as conditions worsened. People not only questioned his leadership, some even clamoured to question the very legitimacy of his citizenship.

This man last week effectively shut the ‘birthers’ by showing his birth certificate and making a point of demolishing the chief vocalist albeit all in fun and humor. Even then he knew he was sitting on potentially the biggest Ace card a US president has ever held.  And he calmly went about his business. What a fantastic political master stroke from a young politician who was a small community leader 3 years ago. He made history the first time by virtue of his skin colour but now he has earned a high post in history through his focussed leadership.

Obama was right in focusing on capturing the figure-head of  a dreaded organisation. He showed foresight in not allowing bombing of the mansion. I would rather have a thinking man as the head of  the most powerful country than a brash aggressive man reacting to every nudge. Obama has cemented his position as of now and his achievement will force his critics to back off. So by capturing OBL, President Obama has accomplished a lot for his country’s morale and ego! And for his own future!

Has the terrorist network been weakened to the point of demolition or will it prove to mimic the 10-headed Ravana? What is unfortunate that OBL’s organisation has grown and broken into numerous branches. Some may step up to the plate.

What is positive that some of these branches were operating in countries which themselves are going through a “Born Again” revolution. The people in some of these countries want better lives for themselves and are revolting against oppressive regimes. All power to them and hopefully the people power will finish the tail end of OBL’s creation.

Mission Impossible???


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