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Pain and Prayers…

Last night I couldn’t sleep. My daughter is having problems at school. Every time she thinks she has made a friend, the friend turns around and says she doesn’t want to play with her. Recently she started playing soccer at recess with a group of her classmates and now this one girl won’t let her play, and everyone else is going along with this. So here I have a sad girl with tears brimming in her eyes, who has no clue what to do next. And I have tried giving all sorts of advice on making new friends but they seem to work for only a day or two.

We both are at our wits’ ends. But to see her yesterday, crying because noone will play with her broke my heart. I was so upset to see my little one in pain that I couldn’t sleep at all. I can do only so much for her. Outside she will have to fight her own battles. It doesn’t help that she doesn’t have friends in the neighborhood (as we are new and in an apartment rather than a house), nor any siblings. 😦

While I sat the whole night feeling miserable, anxious and hurt, sometimes blaming my misfortune over the miscarriage of my twins, I had no clue today would bring a whole new definition to the word “pain”.

With shock, and tears I read the news of the shooting in Newtown, CT. This is insane, in-human. What can drive a human being to mow down sweet young children the age of 5-10 years? What??? I wish this monster hadn’t killed himself but had been taken alive to see the damage he has inflicted upon the families and by extension to the whole country.

Nothing can justify his actions. Nothing! But more than this sick monster, our thoughts should and are turning towards the parents of the sweet children killed, and the families of the victims.

My God! How horrendous they must feel, how angry that some stroke of luck hadn’t protected their young ones and made them survive this insanity. Nothing can ever prepare a parent to lose a child.  And to a mindless, selfish, completely avoidable evil! I can’t even begin to imagine what their heart must be feeling right now. I know this will scar them forever. Time doesn’t heal wounds, it only makes them dull.

This is even more horrible because Christmas is just round the corner. I am getting goosebumps and tears simply imagining the parents looking at their kids’ Santa letters, and the cute holiday crafts they would have left their parents. Dear God, how do you justify this inanity?

Our prayers are with the familes and the kids and teachers of the school. May God give them the enormous strength they need to pull themselves together for the sake of themselves and their families. They have a long and very tough road to go. The wonderful people of Newtown will rally together and give support to the families of victims but they need our prayers for when they are alone.

Rest in peace little ones! And the teachers and staff of Sandy Elementary! May you rest in peace!


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