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Its a dawg’s world…

The surest way a child can ensure that he/she gets a puppy is to ask for a little brother/sister. šŸ™‚ My daughter has somehow learnt this from someone who needs to go into hiding. :/

My family is a small one. I do feel the need of a having a slightly larger family and did consider having siblings for my daughter. God and husband unwilling, learnt to be happy with a tiny family, making my daughter the apple of my weak eyes.

However, the new pressure is now to get a pet. It started about 5 years back when we were in India, and my daughter was just 2 plus. Lets get a puppy…pleeeeeassse…..

Luckily we stayed in an apartment andĀ I mis-used an article which basically stated keeping a big dog in a small apartment amounts to animal cruelty. I soooo agree, and have happily given upĀ my dreamĀ ofĀ living in my own sweet cottage.

Luckily also we moved to a different country so the argument of having to deal with broken hearts and ties, won battles.

However, we landed in Dog’s own country. The US of A. Here many dogs have better lives than most humans in India. And so started the chant we want a pet. Any pet. Our apartment managers allowed only cats. As we all know, Dogs have owners, cats have staff…Saved by the skin of my teeth.

Instead we happily got fish. Of course my husband always believes in more is more. So he got 4. Truth be told, I grew attached to them most.Ā Talking to them, watching them spin their magic, concerned for their well-being in extreme weather. Until we moved.

Happily we managed to find a great home for our pets. My sister from across the seven seas, and her cute little boys now look after Goldie, Pepperoni, Ray and Goldilocks. šŸ™‚

Down south, the houses are huge butĀ the apartments are small. Although we are allowed to keep dogs at an exorbitant fee of $400, the apartment is too small to keep anything bigger than a pomeranian. So the options areĀ all the tiny yappy ones,Ā which I hate.

If I am asked,Ā I like the big stately dogs, who walk around commanding respect and dignity. My favorite is the Golden Shepherd. Can do with Golden Retriever and the brown Labrador. For a dog of that size we need a house and that is still a few years away. šŸ™‚

My main problem is I am petrified of anything that moves and can jump. (including some so-called humans). I can not bring myself to touch them, so imagine having a pesky dog! I’d try to climb the highest furniture but unfortunatelyĀ  a dog can jump too. And will too,Ā thinking its a fun game. šŸ˜¦

My friends have in the past tried to make me get over my crippling fear. I have petted under safe observance. But the sensory organs go dead the moment my hand reaches out to pet. And heaven help me if the dog tries to lick me or even come close to take a sniff. I had be out of the house in a heart beat. SinceĀ I do need a roof and my family needs to feel complete, I will have to get over this fear.

Also arguments have won me over. like:

  • The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you make a fool of yourself with him, and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.
  • You can say any fool thing to a dog, and the dog will give you this look that says, “My God, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that!” – Dave Barry

While friends say its a lot of work, its so much easier than getting pregnant. šŸ˜¦ (I know I’ll be crucified by the Madre Brigade, but having only recently regained my life and watching countless friends wrung like a wet towel running behind kids, I am sold). I can also feel their unconditional love vs. the cold disdain of cats. And love dahhlings I will take. In whatever form.

What should I do? Animal shrink? Oh that had be for the animal. so just a shrink then?


Comments on: "Its a dawg’s world…" (3)

  1. Fear is only keeping you away from one of the best friend you and Aditi can have with no expectations but love, so go for it and I will support you get over the fear

  2. Mama, why relief? I guess I am very intense, and that can scare people off..but worry? Naw. I am what i am, can’t help it. Anyways, yes I am going to do what you said. I plan to go visit some dog some where every weekend to get comfortable, I will try finding a vet/shelter who has the time to spare to help me get used to dogs. Hopefully, I shall get rid of this deep seated fear. There has to be history there except nothing in my memory sticks out except a couple of episodes. Feeling Pretty determined about getting a dog though so that’s a start.

  3. Marathon Mama said:

    What a great Blog. I got the feeling of releif with every word. Keep it up seems it will do you good.
    Well my friend you should first come to “know” dogs. Find a shelter in your area and visit it often. Or perhaps a Vet’s office? Offer to take a dog out on a walk or to just sit with one and pet it a while. It took me two years before my dog Maui found ME! While I had read all the books at the Library on Dogs, getting a dog is almost like getting a baby. NO guarantees on what you are gonna get, and no book to give you all the details. But once you get one, you know it will be yours forever no matter what. Take your time and chew this awhile. Then burry your bone someplace safe where you will find it again and get back to chewing.

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