(S)wags the word…This is a world where anyone can put in a word (more would be welcome, funny would be appreciated).

I have genuinely neglected my blog. But I have been busy. Also not my fault that January simply decided to whiz by. The month began with a bang with some good friends, food and fun and party every night. And that’s the way the month went out. With a bang and a fantastic party.

I spent the new years’ holed up at a hotel in Nashville. While the hubbies were working (poor guys), we women and children got together every evening with a new dish each and had a whale of a time trying to defeat the men (who just dragged themselves home for dinner) at Dumb Charades and a popular Indian game Antakshari. Needless to say, we still lost! Everyday!

Perhaps for the first time I didn’t mind losing but it broke our hearts to know the men had been cheating all the time. And we women innocently conceded defeat at tough words. Men!!!!! Urgh!

Meanwhile, my stint at Milford Piecemakers is keeping me busy. I finished my first quilt and its going to be showcased in the public library. 🙂 Along with the beautiful quilts made by the veterans. They are also keeping me real busy trying to catch up with their one-quilt-a-week act. So less time to blog, lesser time to watch movies, and no time to read. I am still loving it!

Finally the month had a bang to its end. My daughter had a Zumba party to celebrate her 7th birthday. Oh boy! Was it fun? I must thank Corazone Family Fitness, for the fantastic choreography. They even included Bollywood songs and that was enough to get the moms and dads going. Soon the whole party (maa-baap, bacchaa sahit) was Zumbaing away! After all that vigorous routines, we simply had to attack the pizzas. The pizzas were supplied by Aditi’s friends mom who runs her own Italian restaurant and they were so yum, we actually ran out of pizzas. We were forced to use cakes to fill every yearning mouth.

So there’s January in a nutshell. Hopefully February brings more fun with it (and the winter stays mild).


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