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Lost in action…

For those of you wondering where I have disappeared to all this time, the words weren’t lost in translation…I have been lost in action..

Running to and fro with daughter in tow, to various classes takes the wind out of the sails. Its fun to see her shake a leg and then kick ass. All in a day’s work! Hopefully she also learns a few things in the bargain.

I am also enjoying volunteering at my daughter’s school. A privilege exclusively American I think. The education system is plagued with cut-backs and the first thing expendable is for some reason the teaching jobs. Often short-handed but bravely trying to soldier on, in the face of strengthening rivals and determined third-world countries. US has its job cut out for the next few decades. The decisions it makes now, will impact much more than just its economy.

Oh but I was talking about volunteerism. The single most awesome characteristic of the American society. A lot in US gets done voluntarily by its citizens. They don’t always depend on the government to take action or for something drastic before they hustle. Case in point: Occupy wall street. Although the economy seems to be slightly corrected, people are rightly protesting against corporate greed.

We Indians are familiar with it, Greed I mean. The average person’s greed. Be it a peon in a hospital or the Telecom Minister. Here the greed is almost exclusively corporate. It’s amazing how global giants have changed the face of nature to put money in the hands of a few. What waste there is! Ugh!

But people are shouting back. My sympathy and empathy for all those who are sleeping on the streets in this biting cold for a better tomorrow. You are braver than what the world will ever acknowledge.

People volunteer at schools, hospitals, at senior citizen homes, animal shelters. There are websites that match your skills and interest to required assistance locum. (or is that loci). Earlier I used to be such a career worm. And now after witnessing scores of scourges, afflicting us the people, I realise my path forward is giving back to the society.

Through all my emergency situations (and numerous they were too), strangers went out of their way to help me, console me, even comfort me. Be at the cruel Kelwa Beach or in electric London. The only way I can give thanks is to take their legacy forward.

Onward then…and May God aid me in my efforts!


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