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Finally the cold weather front is moving away, though it still gets chilly at night… Spring is here…In everyone’s steps, in the air. Finally a daffodil blooms, and the sun shines strong.

Foggy today but 17 degrees C. Reminded me of Lonavala, where Bish and I had walked into the fog holding hands and dreams in our hearts. 🙂


We took a bus from Malad, Mumbai and although the bus operator said the bus went to Lonavala it was actually a bus to Pune. So when our stop came, the bus instead of entering Khandala via expressway exit dropped us on the expressway. 🙂

It was raining. With a suitcase in hand, we went walking down the exit (I know don’t gasp). And to our great delight saw a butta wala (roasted corn seller). The taste of garam butta on that rainy day is etched so deeply into my mind that I can taste it in my mouth right now. Aah the pleasures of simple life!

Mumbai-Pune sector is blessed. It is a very scenic drive. There are hundreds of small hamlets and each breathtaking. People are simple enough to open their doors if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Really had the opportunity to travel this road countless times.

During my internship, I used to travel to Bombay Dyeing manufacturing plant in Patalganga. Patalganga is mid-point between Mumbai and Lonavala. It used to be a 2 hour ride from Bandra but loved every moment of it. It was only while entering back into Mumbai via Chembur-Sion, that the ugliness of metro life would force itself onto my existence. TIll then I was in bliss.

Once I remember I had gone trekking with my brother and his friends to Malshej ghat. I walked through a mini-waterfall, and my friend climbed a straight rock without any climbing gear. At top of the mountain, rain and fog heavy on us.

We reached some small hamlet bus stand at 3 am and were advised by the bus conductor to not go roaming in the hills for the fear of Bhils. We spent the whole night at the bus stand. At 7 am, a food stall owner opened shop. And we were onto the tastiest Usal Pav I have ever had.

Saw a bit of interior Maharashtra while on Ashta Vinayak tour with a friend. Ate at small dhabas or stalls but the food was always fantastic. And never did I have any stomach problem. Saw how people actually lived in our villages. No electricity, no tap water. But mast! Bindaas! It was my desire to travel the konkan sector. I have read about its beauty but that place has so far been elusive.

Can I ever go there? Dont know! Would love to though..I do know some of my friends have been making the dream list of places we want to visit sans family. As girls! I pray this comes true! That it doesn’t merely remain a desire in the heart.

Luckily God has always given me the opportunity to be close to Nature and therefore Him. And I find myself more and more attracted towards The Simple Life. A bungalow in the middle of a self-sufficient farm. Hmmmmm!!!!


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    Excellent topic 🙂

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