(S)wags the word…This is a world where anyone can put in a word (more would be welcome, funny would be appreciated).

Today my sweetheart started school, serious school (in US terms). I felt a little apprehensive letting her go into the world on her own. She will make her own decisions, choose her friends, learn new things (hopefully all good)! I will have little input in any of these. Till now I chose her friends, her playmates, her food, her toys. I taught her everything she knows right now.  Hopefully, all that I have taught her will serve her well. The ball is now in her court.

Choose well my little one!



Comments on: "My little bird is flexing her wings…" (4)

  1. Sampada Mulaye said:

    Aditi will be just fine, don’t worry. There is always other side of kids that we overlook. They learn good things from peers and ignore bad; they know very well that mom/dad won’t be happy if they do things that are not ok to do.

  2. Rajat Kumar Ghosh Chowdhury said:

    God Bless

  3. Jignesh Mehta said:

    Well i have don’t been to US or Europe, but I guess this is the basic difference between Children in India & there…
    There children are encouraged to live life on their own terms right from beginning while in India children remain dependent on parents at times even after marriage…

  4. Samiksha Desai Sheth said:

    she is still a fledgeling – let her be sheltered under her mom’s protective wingspan a bit longer till her own feathers of flight grow stronger . .

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