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Shashi is out of Indian Idol 5. Really sad! Especially considering a singer like Tia is still there.

Wonder on what basis people vote! That shouldn’t be too surprising really, one has to only look at our dear respected elected babus/behens.

Sadly for me, all the classiest Indian TV shows are now over. Mahi Way, Rishta.com and Seven have now ended. They all, of course belonged to YRF TV camp. My hearth felt congratulations to this TV network for producing shows with brilliant technicals, production values, and a logical storyline. For daring to consider its audience as an intelligent, modern audience rather than a dumb, ignorant and clueless audience.

Mahi does not run away from marrying one boy friend to simply fly into the waiting arms of the patient and more suitable second. She decides to not marry at all. Smartest thing a woman can do! 🙂

Seven I know has been criticised for being a copy of Heros running here in the US. However, the script writers completely Indianised it, and did a credible task of weaving facts of Emperor Ashok’s reign with fiction. And it was technically brilliant! Didn’t feel like a comedy show.

I liked the storyline and actors in Rishta.com. Although a little removed from reality (All the potential grooms were handsome and smart!), it had decent acting and was grounded in its approach.

It was sensible to end the shows with logical endings rather than stretch it beyond endurance. Congratulations for a job well done! Sorry the shows didn’t get as much support. It seems Mahi Way was the only one which garnered TRP.Indian audiences still love the stupid CID, Aahat and the like. YRF says some of these shows may come back in next season (similar to format followed by American TV show producers). Hope they all do.

How do I spend my summer now? Will have to stick to reruns of old British comedies..

Disclaimer: I only have Zee, Sony, TV Asia and ITV. So won’t know of other shows on other networks.


Comments on: "Shashi out, Mahi out, Rishta.com out and summer’s just starting!" (5)

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  2. Swagata Chowdhury said:

    dont know abt manipulation but yes Indians do seem to vote by face, region, religion rather than talent…If Sriram does become the Idol atleast he will have deserved it…
    Jas no one wants to let go the jackpot..She will want to win even if she is pitched against Sriram..Ambitions !!!!

  3. Jasmine Bhatt said:

    ur rite swaggie!we should all grow up and start lukg at real talent not just gud luks.what on esrth is tia doing on this show why is she not voted out?

  4. Vishal Doshi said:

    i guess voting does not matter at all….this reality shows are manipulated….tia gets more eye balls then shashi which means more trp for the show….i am sure they have also decided that shriram gonna be the next indian idol….

  5. Maria Dominica said:

    I liked this post.

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