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India stinks…

India stinks… I don’t mean literally, though it does stink to high heaven.

The news is what makes me say this..India stinks…Its culture, its ‘samaj’ stinks. What else does one say if innocent girls and boys are ‘murdered’ in the name of ‘honour’! 2 girls and 1 boy lost their lives in order to keep the flag of Indian honour flying high. I say India’s head is bent forever with shame.

What honour are they exactly talking about? OK so one whole village has men and women who are so-called brothers-sisters (gotra-factor). As if, this and similar villages have no local prostitutes, no rapes and definitely no extra-marital affairs. By that logic, dears no one in the world ought to marry anyone, after all haven’t we all evolved from one man and one woman (Adam n Eve, if you please).

 This happened in Delhi, where everyone knows no woman is really safe…even if she is with her husband or family. Do those guys who kidnap, rape and murder have honour? Does the samaj then not lose any honour?

The kith and kin are justifying the murders. Of course, the culprit will not be caught unless he forgets to do a huge Rahu-Ketu puja and feed the whole village and some. What about the victims of this hypocrisy? If I go by myth and mythology, then won’t their bhatakti aatma harass these culprits. Really, how many of these idiots can the ghosts harass!! The whole village, nay the whole country is the culprit.

We didn’t let education or prosperity percolate to these dark caves. Someone somewhere dies. Who cares right? Wasn’t me or mine! We do not take discipline, system or rules seriously do we? Remember the time you paid a bribe so you get the Driver’s License without even going to the MV office. Chod na, chalta hai..apne ko kya karna hai…These are words I have heard once too often. What has really been the result of the assault on the hotels in Mumbai? What has the government done? Nothing. Why? Because it knows people don’t care.

We don’t even want to improve or change. All we want is money, honey!!! And the less work it needs the better!! The commonest refrain I have heard Indians in US say: Americans don’t ‘work hard’ at all like us, life is just SOOO easy for them. They should come to India and see how hard we work.

My answer to these nincompoops: Darling, they MADE their lives easy by working hard where it counts. They may be about money honey, but at least they did the ground work first.

Which part of our Indianness can we be proud of? Our ‘strong’ education (it produces un-imaginative robots who follow the crowd), our culture (right!) or our heritage (sati, devdasis, child marriage)? Or our achievements in umm let me see sports? or technology? Which of these should I be proud of? Oh yes our age-old knowledge, yoga for instance!!! We wouldn’t have touched it with a bar-pole if it hadn’t been for the western fascination with yoga and yogis.

India needs a Hercules to clean the Augean stable. Who will be Hercules?


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