(S)wags the word…This is a world where anyone can put in a word (more would be welcome, funny would be appreciated).

In grip of fever last night, I had the  sudden revelation that I am married to a Chinese. Instead of a neem tree, I was sitting in a recliner. No matter I got the gyaan. What? How? You ask..

Well actually its American Chinese, since my walls are pale yellow…Well the wall is such a sweet companion. Not the Wall E robot types, though even that would have been welcome. I am talking about the bricks and the mortar kinds.

The wall listens to everything I say and is a silent admirer when I am all dressed up. It doesn’t criticise everything I do. The biggest advantage is with a can of paint I can get myself a husband of any colour…even exotic ones…It doesnt teach my daughter to polish my white shoes black among other things, nor does it make a mess with the food, the laundry, in the kitchen or the bathroom and so on. Put a toilet next to it, it becomes a stress reliever. Put a bed near it, it still is a stress reliever. I am loving it.

I have had many marriages, Bangalorean, Puneite, Chennaite, Hyderabadi, British. Lucky me, I say!!!

 What about the MAN I stay with? Well he is ALSO called my husband; in the human world and does everything else the wall doesn’t do..Dont get ideas. I mean giving me cheap thrills of a roller coaster ride in his imaginary Ferrari. He is portable though not changeable. 😦 Mores the pity. But he cooks like a charm, so I keep both of them, the man,and the wall around….

Best of both worlds I had say!


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