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What a nice day…

Beautiful sunshine and bright blue waters…had a lung full of air out jogging with Aditi…Slept like a baby after that..
Some followups…
1. My dear Goldie (goldfish) is going great fins..or do i mean guns. He has grown big but still doesn’t have a girlfriend. 😦 Dad’s being strict about it 😦 Why do I keep calling him a ‘he’? Ahh…to keep the battle of the sexes even.
2. Mahi Way is still going the right way. I do harbour a little fear in a corner that it might be a copy of Bridget Jones’ Diary. If it is, it is still a very good copy. The story and dialogue writers are doing a good job. Heard it doesn’t have good TRPs. A good series after a long time and no one in India wants to watch it.. Go figure.
3. No decent movie in recent times . 😦 Have gone back to my all time favourite Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie.
4. ZEE TV seems to be doing a better job in reality shows than Sony. 1 example: Indian Idol vs Sa re Ga Ma. No one knows where the Idol winners are these days. Other than Abhijit Sawant, everyone else has disappeared off the map. Sa re ga ma has launched careers of several leading singers like Sunidhi Chauhan. Therefore, the more serious candidates seem to make a bee line for Zee.
5. I stopped watching cricket when Kapil Dev was accused of match-fixing. I was therefore skeptical of IPL. I am beginning to come round though. IPL has in the very least destroyed the unshakable placement of 14 players. Due to number of regional teams and a fixed salary, a lot of people will get to play and not have to worry about rozi roti or endorsements. Me likes.

Comments on: "What a nice day…" (2)

  1. Swagata Chowdhury said:

    Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes is my elixir on gloomy days. I had started a collection of Agatha books in India which I will resume once I return. I already have 2 copies of the entire Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot collection. .. 🙂

    The jogging is slow but very real. I ask Aditi to ride her bike and then run with her. Our fav path is the beach side. Do you know they are building a walking board linking Walnut beach to Silver Sands?

  2. Been a real long time since i visited the blog… 🙂

    For one, agree that that its been a real bad spate of movies being released. Nothing interesting … guess its only “Prince” who was ready to take on the IPL :-)..and failed miserably.

    Didnt know you were a fan of Agatha Christie, just downloaded the whole series from the net and have been watching one episode a day 🙂

    Btw, is the joggin for real ..LOL

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