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Proof is in the…

I have been bragging about Bish’s cooking abilities to all…thought it was time to preview his work.

Veg Biryani

Daahlings..this is his Veg Biryani…I havent taken a snap of his really delectable prawn and chicken biryani….I can safely say Bish has mastered the art of making the Biryani in any avatar…Lucky me 😉

Spoke last week to a friend’s mom who is coming to US to attend the betrothal of her youngest daughter to an American. This lady really impresses me. She belongs to the Tamil Iyengar community known for its conservatism. But Aunty (yes that’s what we call our friends’ mom in India, out of respect) has been doing national and now international integration under her roof. And doing it so well..

She is a very soft-spoken elegant lady. She has raised three adorable daughters; her eldest has been a friend to me in more ways than one since 1996. The eldest is married to a Keralite. The second one to a Jammu guy. And now the third daughter is marrying a half French-half Japanese guy.

And Aunty has seamlessly welcomed everyone into her fold. I am amazed by her open-mindedness and progressiveness. When the world is going back to the dark ages (read racism, intolerance), here is a shining example of what we should and can be. She has raised three beautiful, strong and independent girls. They are all that but also very good human beings.  

If I do half as good job with Aditi as you have done with yours, I will have achieved something. You have inspired me to work hard towards being a good mother and a good wife.

I am honoured to have known you Aunty. Thank you.

Meanwhile, the sun is out in all its glory. I have visions of running by the beach alongside Aditi (hope that comes true). Happy Easter everyone!!!



Comments on: "Proof is in the…" (5)

  1. Hi Swagata,
    Thanks for the compliment. Am sure you are going to be just as great with Aditi!

    • Swagata said:

      Aunty, Will definitely try..though most times I feel inadequate and lost 😉

  2. Sushmita Palai said:

    Looks absolutly delicious. Any chances of passing the recipe around?

  3. how come we did not get savor some of it…btw we shld really get inspired by ur aunt:))

  4. hey real good one 🙂

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