(S)wags the word…This is a world where anyone can put in a word (more would be welcome, funny would be appreciated).

Day dreaming…

Couldn’t sleep last night…Stress is making its presence felt again in my head and heart…Heart is beating too fast and head is working on an overdrive…
All of a sudden I started to day dream. I was thinking (yes i was!!! though many advise me to not!) about a beautiful sea facing house..Lots and lots of greenery..A gentle breeze caressing the face…
Nice blue gentle water and I close my eyes to be in the nothingness of it all…
There is something amazing about sitting in front of the sea…It relaxes you. The mind grinds to a halt..the heart slows to a steady rhythm. You look at the vast expanse of blue above, below and beyond.
Hmm..put me to a nice deep sleep.

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