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Bollywood has always managed to come up with heart rending, soul touching, and mind reading lyrics.. 
There is a song for every mood that you can think of..
Examples I can think of
1. lullaby sung to a child by a happy mom – Chanda hai tu, suraj hai tu from Aradhana
2. lullaby sung to a child by a sad mom – So jaa, chupp ho ja from Sansar
3. Song sung by friends in honour of their friendship – Ye dosti from Sholay
4. Song sung by lovers in honour of each other – countless songs from countless movies
5. Seductive song – Bahon mein chale aao from Anamika
6. Cabaret song – Mehbooba Mehbooba from Sholay and all of Helen’s songs among others
7. ‘Item” song – Om shanti Om from the same movie and ofcourse all the other songs done by wannabes and has-beens.
8. Patriotic songs – Kar chale hum fida from Haqeeqat and so many other songs filmed on Manoj Kumar.
9. Struggle song – Hanste hanste from Khoon bhari maang
10. Inspiring song – Mitwa from Lagaan
11. Happy song – Hum hain raahi pyaar ke from the same movie
12. Sad song – Koi hota jisko apna from Mere Apne
13. Song of Betrayal – Tadap Tadap from Hum dil de chuke sanam
14. Sports’ related song – Chak de from Chak de India
15. Festival related song – Innumerable songs for Holi, Diwali, most notably Rang Barse from Silsila
16. Love songs – Gum hai kisike pyaar me from Rampur ka Lakshman
I can’t think of anymore categories….can anyone add to this?
At the moment, the song Aaina Mujhse meri from Daddy best reflects my emotions..go listen to it..
The lyrics are:
Aaina mujhse mer pehli si surat maangi
Mere apne meri hone ki nishani maangi ….aaina mujse meri..
Main bhatakata hi raha dard ke viraane mein
wakt likhta raha chere pe har pal ka hishab
meri shaurat meri diwangi ki nazar hui
pi gayi may ki botal meri geeto ki kitab
aaj lauta hoon tu hasne ki ada bhool gaya
yeh sahar bhoola muje mein bhi ishe bhool gaya
mere apne meri hone ki nishani mangi… aaina mujse meri paheli surat mangi
Mera fan phir muje bazaar mein lea aya hai
yeh vo jagah ke jahan mero vafa bikte hain
baap bikte hain aur lakhte jigar bikte hain
kokh bikati hain dil bikte hain sar bikte hain
is badalti hui duniya ka khuda koi nahin
saste daamo pe yahan roz khuda bikte hain
har kharidaar ko bazaar mein bikataa paya
hum kya paayenge kisi ne yahaan kya paayaa mere eheshas mere phool kahin aur chale
bol pujaa meri bachi kahin (aur chale )-2…. aur chale
I think thats roughly it….

Comments on: "Bollywood has Heart baring lyrics" (3)

  1. Good article. thank you

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  2. Smita Kadakia said:

    I like this..

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