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I am losing it….

I am losing it guys…not my marbles or pennies but my patience. Patience with people..I find most people ignorant, arrogant and unnecessarily aggressive. Always out there to prove something..As if we didn’t have enough problems already.
There was a whopper of an earthquake…actually 2 of those..then a tsunami..strain changing viruses…the earth shifting its axis by 3 inches…unstopping snow showers here in the east coast…Aren’t these enough?
People who get my goat:
1. Unsolicited Advisers (not to be confused by Macro advisers)
People who believe the rest of the world is in its infancy and can’t take a single baby step ahead without their invaluable and continuous advice. I have people (mere acquaintances / strangers) advising me on how to raise my child, on why I should get another child, on how I need to make more friends, on how I should work towards a new qualification, on how (& why) I should settle down in US…..etc etc.
2. Vanishing helpers
As I have gone through n number of emergencies, I have had the (mis)fortune of meeting this species several times. They will hover around you begging to help you, and will do a Houdini when you actually need help. Once the need is over, they reappear and assure us they would have helped the most and the best if they would have known about your problem.
3. Rich beggars / Freeloaders
It’s a breed that’s a class apart. Lazy women and stingy men make a great combo package in this category. They arrive uninvited just in time for lunch / dinner but are exceedingly busy the day you decided to drop in on them. They are also the first ones to arrive at a party and the last ones to leave. You ought to consider yourself ‘privileged’ if you can manage to get a glass of water out of them.
4. Compulsive winners
The scariest kind; I try to run away from this species as a simple act of drinking water can be turned into a competition by them. They have to win at all things, be seen as right in all things. If they cannot win, then they will not let the game happen. If they aren’t the best in a particular activity, that activity isn’t worth spending any time on at all. Their young ones are trained from the incubation stage to start winning at all things, including coming out of the womb at the best time of the year.
5. Extra efficient advertisers
Some people are the unofficial advertisers for products and services. They will force you to use the product/services endorsed by them, even if they themselves have been burnt by it. Even if they have to shove it down your throat. What they use is the best and has to be therefore used by all us ignorant folks.
6. Health experts
You just have to tell them your symptoms, and they will tell you what medicine to take, how much to take, what caused your illness in the first place and a horror story of how one of their friend had to die because he didn’t listen to their advice. These people are experts in allopathic, homeopathy, homemade and all other alternative medicines.
7. Macro advisers
These ‘learned’ people know how to run your house, the country, the neighbouring country and the world in general. They have opinions on everything that has macro implications like finances, economics, weaponry, war, politics etc etc etc. Even if their own house, finance, relations are in a major turmoil.
I am running out of theories on how to deal with these classes. Any advisers???? 😛

Comments on: "I am losing it…." (5)

  1. Swagata Chowdhury said:

    maybe when u get to my age, 🙂 u will realise we cant exist in a vaccum. We are surrounded by people and therefore our actions / thoughts arent enough to get the right results. For example, Manmohan SIngh is a brialliant and a good human being however hasnt been able to really make an imapct on India’s economy or polity..Because he is surrounded by nincompoops.

    An important and apporpriate proverb comes to mind : Man is known by the company he keeps.

    Therefore it is important for us to identify good people and surround ourselves with them to achieve some sort of goodness in actions and thoughts…

  2. may seem like ‘another’ advice but i think we should not give a damn about the rest…just do what we think is right…therefore its just us responsible for the consequences, good or bad

  3. Jai Dhruv said:

    i m with you on categories 1, 2 and 6!

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