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Love aaj kal!!! :(

Saw Love Aaj Kal..yuck..what a horrible movie…

Bollywood has completely run out of ideas and they can’t even find proper movies to copy. I felt LAK was a rehash of Hum Tum, the difference being 2 love stories, kal (Rishi Kapoor & some new gal who doesn’t say a word, and only has to look worried) and aaj (Saif n Deepika). In HumTum, gal’s husband dies, while in LAK she divorces.

Its a receipe. Take 1 story from Hum Tum, add one more couple, with a little dash of KANK. Add a wedge of an item song and small clothes. You have instant Indian movie .

There is nothing positive to write about it at all. Nothing. Nada. Nyet. Why are we still copying movies? Am pretty sure the producer Saif pressurised to copy the script of his only solo hit.

Phew!!! Don’t we have anything, absolutely anything to say about other subjects? I wanted to laugh when I heard Vipul Shah was planning to sue some Bong director for plaguerising from Namastey London. Only its too tragic. Chor kotwaal se zyaada taqatwaar hai.


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