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Long live the king!!!

Long live the King!!!

My husband called up today from office and said there is a bad news…He never usually calls me; so a call and that too about bad news……

He told me Micheal Jackson was dead…I was shocked into silence…The tears are there behind the eyes, refusing to come out. My brain went into flashback to the beautiful videos of MJ Bad, Black or White, his moon walk…

I like very few English songs, very few indeed. For some reason I cant identify with them be it Elvis or the Beatles. But MJ struck deep. Not because he danced like a dream but his songs were really really great..I was about 7 yrs old when I heard my first MJ song, Bad at someone’s house. That song stuck in my head although I didn’t listen to it again for years. And then as a high school student, I bunked class and went to see ‘Free Wily’. The movie was good but the title song “Will you be there?” was fantastic..I waited to see in the film credits whose song it was and was pleasantly shocked to know it was the king of the pop..

MJ deserves that title because he was able to not only win over his own country but also transcend boundaries and reached the heart of a 7yr old staying in suburban Mumbai, definitely not a place for English songs leave alone MJ’s Bad.

He had his share of troubles and thats probably because he was such a genius. A genius pays a terrible price for being singled out by God with heavenly talent. Something is always offkey. MJ suffered through his problems, and accusations. The saddest part is that he wasn’t given a chance to redeem himself.

How I wish he had been able to at least perform one concert. Go out blazing.

Never mind, His music will remain forever. Long live the king!!! Rest in Peace.


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