(S)wags the word…This is a world where anyone can put in a word (more would be welcome, funny would be appreciated).

Saw Luck by Chance recently…I liked it but not overly so. It felt like a documentary on our film industry. The movie did raise a pertinent point, is it Luck or Work? Does Karma have anything to do with this?

Observations & experiences have taught me to think so. Our life, lifestyle, success/failure is, I feel, quite a bit reflective of our and even our ancestors’ karma. Perhaps thats why our Hindu wisdom has advocated a period of “tapasya” in each man’s life…to wash out his sins and seek spiritual progress. Sai Baba has clearly emphasised on 9 ways of attaining knowledge “Atmaa-gyaan” …Satsang, service to others, reading religious books, charity are some of them.

Our parents & theirs’ performed pujas, did charity, satsang etc. Perhaps that has a given a sense of happiness to us. (World survey says we are quite a happy society). If you consider India’s past, India is quite blessed. She has rich, fertile lands (or had). India has rarely faced any major natural disasters. India has shown amazing progress (despite its corrupt & useless leaders). This is, I believe, quite a lot due to the philanthropic nature of its people. Now that these values are eroding, the next generation is at a risk of losing the wealth of wisdom. It becomes our duty as parents to do everything in our power to dip into old-age wisdom & impart ancient teachings to our children.

Extremists (people who have least notions of “God” & “Godly”) are putting a violent shade to religion. “Hindu Terrorists” a word I never thought existed, is now a reality. It is painful to think that we would spend our energies breaking law, people and ethics. Education system from the elite “Gurukul” system has gone down the “Donation only” drain. As a mother, the biggest terror for me is securing admission in the threatening, corrupt world of Indian schools.

Our generation has the capacity to take charge. We are better traveled, have advantage of reflection and global knowledge and resources. In the movie “Rang de Basanti”, the youth take action against the correct problem, even if the solution was wrong.

Lets try to limit the mean thoughts, words & actions. Lets respect our parents, our culture & Nature.

A book on Sai Baba’s life & teachings has become my bible. I will try to incorporate as much of His teachings as I can. My selfish motive is my daughter. I hope I do enough good Karma to enable her & her contemporaries. to have a good life, Luck and all…..What will You do????


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